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Jennifer Thayer

By July 19, 2012February 11th, 2023Helping Children Testimonials, Uncategorized

Therapy has been center in our life of battling the cerebral palsy affecting our son’s motor and communication development. We have tried it all and it fills Roa’s life. It is a daily struggle to manage therapy and doctor appointments.

Upon meeting Pati, we knew the ABM approach was going to be a good one. Pati interacts with Roa as a PERSON. She respects his need for space, honors his attempts at communication (even in the form of a tantrum), engages him in full attention to his own movement, and approaches him in a gentle, playful way. Pati not only helps Roa gain more awareness of his place in space, but she empowers us as parents by modeling for us the ways we can assist Roa on his path to independence. Since our intensive program with Pati, we have slowed down our aggressive schedule. We have seen little changes in Roa that mean so much- Roa exploring movement of his tongue, trunk, and arms that we have not seen before. He seems to be a bit more comfortable within his body.

We look forward to our next set of sessions with Pati where we, as a family, gain more awareness of our actions and how they affect development both inside and out.

~ Jennifer Thayer, mother to Roa, 4, diagnosis quadraspastic cerebral palsy

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