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Patricia Holman

The Mind, Moving & Learning Center

Providing Expertise & Mastery in the Neuroplasticity, Neuromovement, and Embodiment Modalities of Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais & Anat Baniel

Are you, or a loved one struggling with a physical limitation or a chronic health issue?  Do you want to experience more vitality, balance and flexibility as you age?   Do your core values align with an integrative and embodied approach to health?

Parents; does your child struggle with learning, or have a special need that is not responding to traditional therapies?  Are you confident that your child’s potential has yet to be discovered, despite their diagnoses or prognosis?

Your goals for optimal functioning & your wishes for your child’s successful development are within reach and I can help you achieve them.  This amazing method, pioneered by the incomparable Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais, begins from a basic premise: That awareness of self-in-movement is a proven approach to release from limiting movement behaviors and habits leading to improved function and elimination of pain.

Awareness of self-in-movement is the field and the terrain in which I help you cultivate a new, more effortless experience of embodiment.  In these sessions, I shine a light on the unconscious patterns of movement in order to free you from habitual ways of feeling, sensing, and acting.  I masterfully guide you to explore & discover an embodiment that is original, and native, and ultimately more resilient, flexible and intelligent in facing the challenges along the lifespan.

Though pain reduction and improved function are likely outcomes, the benefits of engaging in this approach will benefit you in significantly more expansive & integrated ways.  You can expect not only physical improvements but emotional and cognitive improvements that are more remarkable than mechanistic, corrective physical rehabilitation approaches.

The Mind, Moving & Learning Center is based in the beautiful Rogue Valley of Ashland, Oregon  providing exceptional & compassionate Feldenkrais/ABM lessons in a variety of settings.

  • Individual in-person sessions
  • In-person group classes
  • Workshops
  • Professional Development for Therapeutic Practitioners
  • Professional Development for Teachers
  • Virtual sessions available



 March 23-April 3, 2024

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Patricia is a phenomenal Feldenkrais practitioner, and just as importantly a good teacher and coach.
She is very loving and kind---allowing her students to set their own limits. I have more mobility in my arms, my chest, my head and neck than I have ever had. Movement is the key to pain management and pain elimination, and she helps in every way.

Jane B.Ashland, OR

Whenever I have had episodes of back,neck, hip, or knee pain, Pati’s work has helped to resolve those issues in a day or two. I have recommended Pati Holman’s work to friends and relatives. They have also derived great benefit from the process. I feel that we can all improve the way that we move and that moving can be more natural and effortless.

Cari B. M.D.

Patricia Holman demonstrates an empathy and level of Feldenkrais expertise that few can match, let alone surpass. She is a wonderful asset to those who have the good fortune to come in contact with her guidance. For me, it has led to increased body awareness, better posture, greater ease of movement, increased flexibility and more energy.

Jac A.competitive dancer

I have a back injury that is significant in terms of how much it has turned my life on its ear. The chronic pain impacts my ability to do almost everything. And I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had this depressing, “Nothing is helping” thought upon entering Pati’s studio. And it never ceases to amaze me how much better I feel, how much like my former self, and how many things I can knock off my to-do list after a session. I feel very grateful to have found her.

Debbie M.

I am a retired bank executive, single mom with a 17 years old daughter and I am 59 years old. Having been suffering from fibromyalgia for many years and also from disc hernia both in my lower back and in my neck, I have a bad posture which causes frequent back pains. I am also diagnosed with dysfunction of my left hip and in general a weaker muscle strength in the left
part of my body. Before that first Feldenkrais session with Pati, I had usual neck pains and stiff shoulder muscles particularly after sitting long hours during social gatherings with my friends. The day after of such social events, I would wake up with a neck pain. I met Pat when she came to Ankara, and I had just one session with her. At the beginning, I really did not know what to expect from this session since, I had not idea how this method worked but she was very reassuring, calm and compassionate. She listened to me very carefully. After this one session, I immediately felt lighter in my body as if my body weight decreased in less than an hour. I also felt relaxed and at the same time energetic while I was going out of her studio.Some minor pains which was always there in my body seemed to be gone. In the following days, I have started to get a signal from my body to hold my neck and hip in such a way to correct my bad posture when I am standing or sitting. This is really hard to explain but the positive result I gained from my session with Pati is that my body is now telling me to tilt my hip and hold upright my neck when I am not doing so. This means less pain for me. Also my weaker left part seems to be stronger now.Thank you Pati!

Zaynep A., Ankara Turkey

I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease 10 years ago at the age of 45. I am a senior executive at an international manufacturing company and travel extensively. I have been under
the care of an outstanding physician and have progressed through a series of drug treatments that have been effective in moderating my tremor and fine motor skills for 60 – 75% of my waking hours. I have tried other non-traditional therapies over the years with no resulting benefit. Last year I became aware of Feldenkrais therapy through an article written by Andrew Weil. It turned out that Patricia Holman was a 5-minute drive from my home so I decided to give it a try. Three months into treatment I am thrilled with the improvement in my overall movement and level of energy. While my tremor is still present, I feel like the length and quality of my “on time” has been improved and my rigidity has been lessened which has helped to significantly improve my sleep. Pati has demonstrated an amazing ability to “center in” on the needs of my body in any given session. Her commitment and passion are evident. While Feldenkrais may not cure my disease, it has certainly improved my quality of life. I am truly thankful to Pati for sharing her gift with me.

Patrick C.

Given my mothers age and the severity of the stroke she suffered in January, ’09, she has been written off by the medical establishment. Because she was not ambulatory, she became
Medicare ineligible in the nursing home setting in which she resides. Patricia has stayed with
us through thick and thin. The result is that mom’s physician that has assumed responsibility
for her medication says he can’t believe her progress. Her agitation is diminished and the
movement on her affected side has continued to improve. Mom’s improvements are
incremental milestones, nothing short of miraculous. Patricia finds the keys which unlock the
door to movement. We appreciate her in ways she will never know. We are thankful for the
spirit of Moshe Feldenkrais which lives in Pati through her perceptive awareness, caring touch, and kind guidance to relearn movement.

Heidi S.

The real test came while on my horse after the Feldenkrais workshop this weekend. As I rode, I was incredibly aware of how different I felt. After a while the walk felt good…then I trotted. No ankle pain, and my back remained relaxed. Now, the canter……….It was wonderful! Clancy felt like he was moving differently. He may have been, but it was probably more that I was sitting centered and we were both more comfortable. For the first time in my 42 years of owning a horse, I believe I felt what centered riding is. THANKS for helping me with that “feel”!!

Julie KEquestrian

On the drive home Friday after my Feldenkrais lesson I couldn’t believe how relaxed I felt. I couldn’t believe how much movement I had in my shoulders & elbows. It was wonderful. During the whole ride my horse and I did not have one pulling match between us. He did not lean on me once! I could actually soften him to the left, his stiffer side, and use my left leg to move him to my outside rein. My left leg used to be so heavy that this wasn’t possible before. The whole left side of my body feels lighter & better!

Mary Ann C.Equestrian

Life as I knew it changed after I was injured in two auto accidents. I turned to traditional as well as alternative methods to manage and cope with the pain. Nine months ago, my physician referred me to Patricia Holman. After the fourth lesson, I knew I had another tool to help me cope with my chronic pain. I’m learning how to be better focused and use my body differently. I’m also incorporating this new awareness of myself into my daily exercise routine & activities. This time, it is a positive lifestyle change for me. I can walk more freely without the limp I was becoming accustomed to, and my pain levels have diminished greatly. What a great feeling! I only wish I had known about Patricia and her Method before my injuries as I now know the power that brain/body awareness can bring to daily movement and life.

Marlene W. Consultant in the IT Industry