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Movement & Awareness for Optimal Health & Resiliancy Throughout Life!

Mind, Moving, & Learning Project Values Movement Process, Awareing & Embodiment for Lasting Improvements & Optimal Health.

How you think and move are 100% inter-dependent.  And for most of us, our sensory-motor process is based on brain maps that were hard wired long ago in infancy.

I help children & adults improve their capacity for learning new patterns of movement by applying the embodiment, neuroplasticity techniques of the Feldenkrais Method and the Anat Baniel Method of Neuromovement for children.

Growing a better brain becomes especially important when faced with neuro-movement challenges like stroke, Parkinson’s, balance and flexibility declines, or, when a child has a special need such that movement and cognition are seriously impaired and milestones are not met.

Unlike a structural approach which seeks to alter the bones, muscles and other soft tissues,  I employ a functional approach which uses precise, process-oriented, embodiment qualities within the learning environment; laying down fertile ground for creating and mapping the brain for new possibilities.

I help children explore a variety of movement trajectories, growing what they are already doing into more functionally progressive skills; mapping a neuromotor ‘gestalt’ needed for the next step on their developmental path. Honoring your child’s current abilities as a starting point eliminates any fear, judgment, or self consciousness with the added benefit of growing, not diminishing your child’s curiosity, vitality, & joy.

My work with adults honors the current way you move as a starting point.  Self-awareness  coupled with movement exploration grows your curiosity ‘muscle’,  inviting radically new ways of self-experiencing and progressively laying down new patterns.   This embodiment and awareness process is deeply organic, & without the judgement of an inner critic; replacing outdated patterns with new possibilities, improved function and self confidence.

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