I apply  skill and mastery in the neuroplasticity, embodiment and neuromovement  therapies of Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais & his student, Anat Baniel in order to help adults with chronic, or acute trauma & injury and to help children overcome learning challenges.  The improvements are accomplished by growing new neurological, emotional, & cognitive capacities for learning new patterns.

Clients from the earliest age to the most senior adults, have  experienced  pain relief and improved function.  And more importantly, a new found vitality for powerful and purposeful action in the world from engaging in this learning process with me.

Services include:

  • Individual hands-on movement lessons and immersions/intensives: FI, FS
  • Group movement classes: ATM, TML
  • Online video movement lessons: private, group, parent & child
  • Online consultations
  • Inservices & Training for Health professionals
  • Support & Resources for Parents