Virtual Feldenkrais Lessons: Adult


1 hour   Feldenkrais Movement lesson.

Your virtual meeting begins with a 5 minute check-in, and ends with a 5 minute discussion

A computer with an internal camera, microphone & speakers (or externally attached) and a reliable internet connection are required for video lessons. Cell phone cameras are not appropriate

Please set up your computer so the camera can be focused to a movement space on the floor. Roughly 6 ft square. A carpeted floor with a chair available. Folded towels, and blankets are useful.

All lesson payments are required before the first scheduled meeting.

Schedule is variable and will be determined after an initial consultation. Daily, weekly, biweekly, or monthly.

In the rare case where Zoom quality or connection is lost, all attempts will be made to re-schedule the lesson at no additional cost. 


1 hour. An online Feldenkrais movement lesson. Patricia guides you in precise movement sequences individualized to your movement challenge. Lessons conducted with Zoom.

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Lesson Plans

First Lesson, Individual Lesson, 4 Lessons, 6 Lessons