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MOVEMENT IS LIFE – A Moving Workshop!

Do You Envision a Way of Moving Where Your Greatest Resource for Healing is Within Yourself?  

I invite to join me in this half-day workshop where you’ll experience a unique way to health & resiliency.   Through participatory movement explorations, you’ll discover how your entire self is involved in movement.  The movement processes are easy and effortless, and focus on increasing awareness of how your movements are organized in the present moment.  You will discover fresh perspectives of  yourself in movement—fresh insights masterfully guided by Patricia, organically emerging from your imagination, yet deeply rooted in human nature.   Forge a new path  forward—with pleasure, and without pain.

This Workshop is for Everyone!

Whether you are dealing with a back, neck, jaw, or shoulder problem, a physical injury that’s long-standing or recent, a neurological challenge or accident, visual disturbances, balance problems, or are simply wanting to return to more natural, fear-free, & spontaneous movement.



I provide expertise & skillful application of the neuroplasticity and neuromovement modality of Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais.   An empathic and skilled hands-on guide, I give my students and clients an experience of potent embodiment that is natural to human learning & function and ultimately more resilient, flexible and intelligent for facing the challenges along the lifespan.

Owner-Director of The Mind, Moving & Learning Center based in Ashland, Oregon



Buckhorn Springs Retreat, 2200 Buckhorn Springs Road Ashland, Oregon

Studio Dodecahedron

DATE: Sunday, April 23, 2023

TIME: 1:00pm to 5:30pm

FEE: $75.00

Mail check payable to: Patricia Holman –767 Roca Street – Ashland, OR 97520

CONTACT: 414-535-7283 or email: