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In Memorium

Patricia Holman studied with Ruthy Alon in Italy

Remembering Ruthy Alon

By In Memorium, Ruthy Alon
Patricia Holman studied with Ruthy Alon in Italy

Ruthy Alon

January 25, 1930- December 30, 2020

It was a moment of grace that brought me to know and love Ruthy Alon.   As one of Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais’s original 13 students, she became one of the most respected, most prolific, most creative Feldenkrais teachers worldwide.  She leaves an incredible legacy of mentoring literally thousands of practitioners.  I had the privilege of extended study with Ruthy in my early days of learning this work.  By g-d, was she a lot of fun to learn with!  Her legacy is vast, but what I treasure most about Ruthy is her way of expressing embodiment.  Her remarkable use of metaphor & image are the gold standard for generations of somatic therapists.  Not only was she a gifted pedagogue, she was one of the most humble human beings I know given her degree of mastery & influence, and the amount of love and compassion she gave me is being paid forward. Thank you Ruthy for being so generous in sharing your gifts.  You are beloved!  Looking forward to riding the magic carpet with you somewhere down the line.