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ABM for Children in South Africa

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At the beginning of 2014, the ABM Method for Children was virtually unknown throughout South Africa.  A family in Port Elizabeth contacted the ABM Center in San Rafael, California looking for experienced practitioners to help their daughter, who has cerebral palsy, to reach her potential, which they knew was possible, but  not being achieved  through conventional approaches.  I made the long trip over and, along with 5 other families we got to work.  For the next 3 weeks significant transformations occurred for the kids and their parents.

It’s now January 2017, and I’m preparing for my 6th trip to South Africa.  There are over 150 families and children who have participated in this therapy and made  significant and lasting outcomes.  There are now 2 Practitioner -Moms who are certified to give neuromovement lessons that live in Johannesburg.  We’ve presented workshops to primary schools, teachers, physical therapists, physicians, nurses, occupational therapists, speech pathologists, psychologists, chiropractors, and hundreds of moms, dads, and extended families. And all of that in just 3 short years.  It’s a  grass roots, parent-driven success story.