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Dignify Yourself with Feldenkrais Method Lessons!

There are predictable moments in Feldenkrais Method movement lessons when deeper truths about ourselves emerge.  

My personal experience while doing movement lessons, as well as my students receiving lessons or engaged in classes, is that at some point doing a movement lesson, our personal, self-sensing experience suddenly expands or deepens to reveal a deeper human truth, or reality about movement and embodiment.  It’s indescribable, ineffable, and closely resembling the experience and state of dignity.  

Questioning our intentions and historical conditioning is an important step in this journey of self awareness.   Sadly, we have lost the ability to recognize that our choices have been severely restricted and in some cases entirely eliminated. We absorb faulty cultural directives and movement doctrines based on the ‘right way to move” or prohibitions and directives long after an injury or trauma event has passed.  We have given away our freedom to choose the full range of human movement  in order to satisfy an ‘other’s’ recommendations as to what constitutes healthy movement or proper action.  Ironically, these prohibitions for ‘correct’ movement is what truly restricts our choice & freedom, limits our vitality and severely compromises our self-confidence.  We move further and further away from embodied dignity when we relinquish self-direction and allow decision-making of our bodies to others we believe have more intelligence or understanding than ourselves.

Critical thinking, creative, choice-based, long lasting and healing solutions can not survive in this environment.  Physical and emotional pain emerge and amplify in this state. If you’ve read to this point, I’m certain you have an inkling of this wasteland.

Are you ready to make a change?

I invite you to embrace a native orientation to yourself from an embodied perspective; to understand and immerse yourself in the discovery of somatic relationships that uncover innate and native truths about the ‘how’ of your movement.  These are native organization patterns that are waiting to be uncovered and strengthened in present moment experience.  When we experience the self in this way, pain, suffering, conditioning and excess effort move into the background, absorbed and integrated into a larger and more potent self experience.

Exploring choice and freedom in self-directed movement is inherently a human characteristic and is essential for learning and growth.  In this way, strengthening our capacity for inner responsibility and consequence.   Choice in this state is grounded in human dignity that flows through us, as we trust to confide and have confidence in our actions, as they are now rooted in a somatic ground, simultaneously both personal and collective.

I invite you to make space for this worthwhile endeavor of skillful movement & human dignity as a path to health.  

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