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A Conversation with Mia Segal

By April 3, 2023April 6th, 2023Feldenkrais Method, Interviews
The somatic process I use to help people overcome pain and live life more fully is incredibly difficult to master!  It takes years of study and clinical practice before expertise is reached. As in traditional systems of acquired knowledge, studying with mentors is integral not only to the health and evolution of  a craft but also for upholding it’s quality.  After completing a 4 year training, I was drawn to continue my studies with a select group of Moshe’s Israeli students for their interpretation of the Method and to learn specific competencies from them.  Mia Segal, Ruthy Alon and Anat Baniel were ironically, the holy trinity in my estimation. I learned alot from Mia Segal in those Berkeley years, and one particular Gordion knot that she helped me unravel was “where to begin a lesson?   For now, please sit back and enjoy a “Conversation with Mia Segal”
This interview was published  in the Feldenkrais Journal #17  Spring 2004