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ABM Neuromovement Intensives and Feldenkrais Movement Lessons in Mequon

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Do you yearn for movement that is easy, comfortable, and pain free?  Or maybe you have a child who struggles with movement and learning? Or perhaps you want to improve some aspect of a technically demanding profession, or athletic pursuit ?

I can help you achieve superior performance, a life without pain and release of old and faulty movement patterns that have inhibited you and decreased your vitality.

I am an experienced provider of a remarkable AND effective  neurologically based movement and learning process process that will help you address the most intractable and hard to reach movement challenges.   I provide services for all ages and all conditions with this remarkable movement and learning method.  Call to schedule your session today.

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Feldenkrais Online Summit

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May 1 – May 10, 2021

This annual  summit brings together a extraordinary group of master teachers and somatic change agents.  Take self-care to a new level this year by putting your focus on the beautiful potential you already have. When you discover what you are capable of, you can transfer that beauty to the world around you.

Join us for a 24-hour kickoff celebration of movement! Do one hour or do a few. There is something for every body type and level of physical activity. Around the world, around the clock, we will have 22 live Awareness Through Movement® lessons with 22 teachers PLUS, nestled into that 24 hours, will be a keynote speaker and live Q&A. It will be a groundbreaking event!

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“The Feldenkrais Method “Learning Through Movement”

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Newly published, this book by colleagues Staffan Elgelid and Chrish Kresge  is a gathering of esteemed & original thinkers of the Method in a collection of essays.  It’s highly recommended for students of the method, health professionals in the rehabilitative services, and educators.

From the editors:

It’s been an amazing journey and labor of love of nearly three years, but finally, we are going to print, and the new Feldenkrais book is out!  24 chapters, 23 contributors and packed with case studies, explanations and exciting new learning about the Feldenkrais Method and its many applications.
This book brings the Feldenkrais Method® and the concept of Somatic Education to a wide audience. As well as providing an introduction to the Feldenkrais Method® and its applications, a team of highly qualified contributors, representing a variety of therapeutic professions, explore how the Feldenkrais Method® interacts with and supports other professions and modalities, including Pilates, yoga, dance, physical therapy, sports coaching, rehabilitation medicine, and more.


Dorit Aharonov, Eilat Almagor, Ruthy Alon, Anat Baniel, Stacy Barrows, Deborah Bowes, Robert Burgess, Lisa Burrell, Karol Connors, Andrew Gibbons, Marina Gilman, Larry Goldfarb, Jeff Haller, Susan Hillier, Thomas Kampe, Paul Pui Wo Lee, Moti Nativ, Dwight Pargee, Lavinia Plonka, Donna Ray, Elinor Silverstein, Cliff Smyth, Matthew Zepelin


Remembering Ruthy Alon

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Ruthy Alon

January 25, 1930- December 30, 2020

It was a moment of grace that brought me to know and love Ruthy Alon.   As one of Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais’s original 13 students, she became one of the most respected, most prolific, most creative Feldenkrais teachers worldwide.  She leaves an incredible legacy of mentoring literally thousands of practitioners.  I had the privilege of extended study with Ruthy in my early days of learning this work.  By g-d, was she a lot of fun to learn with!  Her legacy is vast, but what I treasure most about Ruthy is her way of expressing embodiment.  Her remarkable use of metaphor & image are the gold standard for generations of somatic therapists.  Not only was she a gifted pedagogue, she was one of the most humble human beings I know given her degree of mastery & influence, and the amount of love and compassion she gave me is being paid forward. Thank you Ruthy for being so generous in sharing your gifts.  You are beloved!  Looking forward to riding the magic carpet with you somewhere down the line.